Services : Psychological and Neuropsychological Services

Psychological and Neuropsychological Services

For Appointments with Dr. Doug Johnson-Greene Ph.D. MPH, ABPP, Please Call: 305-243-6605

Inpatient Services

Counseling is routinely provided to all SCI inpatients through both individual and group treatment. Formal family counseling is also available. Neuropsychological evaluations are provided for suspected concomitant traumatic brain injuries, and specialized treatment programs are available for these patients. Specialized treatment is also available for substance abuse problems, pain management and sexual dysfunction. All services are available to both in- and outpatients. The rehabilitation psychologist serves as the primary mental health professional, requesting for psychiatric consultations as necessary.

Support groups are also an integral part of the education process for SCI patients. A weekly inpatient support group is led by Dr. Mario Olavarria. An inpatient family support group is also available biweekly and led by Dr. Olavarria. This group alternates between a pure support-group function and a psychoeducational function by having speakers from the rehabilitation team, the Miami Project, and community organizations.

Outpatient Services
Depression and anxiety commonly occur after SCI, as the person and their family learn to live with the injury. Psychotherapy treats these concerns and helps the person develop a new outlook on living with SCI. Additionally, neuropsychological assessment is available for individuals with both and SCI suspected brain injury. Both psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment are provided by Dr. Doug Johnson-Greene Ph.D, one of the principal investigators of the South Florida TBI model systems project.