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SCI Inpatient Rehabilitation

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Ryder Trauma Center

In 1992, the RTC, a Level 1 trauma center was opened as part of UM/JMH. All acute SCI patients enter the system through the RTC. Those patients who have multiple organ-system trauma in addition to their SCI stay in the trauma center on the trauma service until their condition is stabilized. Those SCI patients who are free from other multi-organ system problems receive their intensive care in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, and when stabilized they are then sent to the SCI Step Down Unit and/or the SCI Rehabilitation Medicine service.

All acute SCI patients are seen by the SCI team. This includes a Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, and Physiatrist. Rehabilitation Medicine evaluations are performed by Dr. Kevin Dalal (SCI rehab medical director) within 72 hours of injury. Acute SCI patients are started on physical and occupational therapy in the intensive care units. Those patients who are ventilator-dependent also receive speech therapy. Psychological counseling is provided acutely to all patients. Weekly patient care conferences are also held with the rehabilitation team members including PT, OT, Psychology, case management, and Rehabilitation Medicine. Furthermore, a continuum of care is assured for all disciplines between the acute care of patients at RTC and the JMH Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital
The Inpatient Rehabilitation component of the SFSCIS is provided in the 25 bed-SCI Rehabilitation Unit on the 2rd floor of the Jackson Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital. This unit is under the direction of Dr. Kevin Dalal, chief of service. In addition to receiving care from their attending physician, SCI patients continue to be followed by their neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. The close proximity of the rehabilitation unit to the acute care facility augments the continuity of care.

Inpatients with SCI are seen by an interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals. In addition to physiatry, these include physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, therapeutic recreation, case management, and vocational services. Patients participate in a full complement of rehabilitation therapies designed to optimize their functional potential using a team-oriented approach. To guide this process and ensure progress is being made towards common goals, weekly interdisciplinary team conferences using a problem-oriented approach are held for all SCI patients. Discharge planning is initiated early in the process, with a goal of appropriately hastening independent living in their home environment and community re-integration.