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PREPARE is intended to provide a forum for discussion and additional education about living with a
spinal cord injury. All are welcome, but it is particularly geared toward those with new traumatic spinal
cord injuries who have been discharged from inpatient rehabilitation within the past 24 months.
Typically, a clinical expert and an experienced peer with long-term spinal cord injury will be present at
each session to present information and contribute to an open and
informal discussion of that week’s topic. Bring us your questions!


Wednesday, March 27th: 12 pm

Topic: CURE Ability Group: Real Estate Job Opportunities

The CURE Ability Group will be coming in and having a talk about giving people with disabilities the opportunity to have a career from home. I will post a link to their Facebook page below.

CURE Facebook:

Room 270 – 2nd Floor, Diagnostic Treatment Center, Jackson Hospital